You Got to Be Kidding Me!

1 + 1…

Posted in wedding by Stacy McMahon on June 14, 2007

Since the biggest chatterbox in my social circle (I promise that’s a compliment!) knows now, I imagine the word is filtering out. I proposed to my girlfriend Louise last month, and she accepted! We are engaged to each other, and also engaged in attempting the impossible — a wedding on a reasonable budget in the DC area, in just six months.

I wish you all could meet this wonderful woman but since many of you can’t, let me describe her for you. She is the kind of person who goes out at 10pm after a long day to get me Tylenol, and doesn’t get mad about it. She’s the kind of person who wakes up in the morning and insists on packing my lunch, even if she’s the one who slept in and is going to be late to the office. She loves gardening and is seriously considering leaving a successful career in PR for a new one as a residential landscape designer. Like any couple we’ve had our ups and downs, but she always rises to the occasion. The anecdote that’s been passed around my family really tells the story — she is the woman who, upon learning about my surprise baby, not only didn’t run away screaming but actually showed up with a book on step parenting. In almost 8 years of friendship we came to know and love each other, and after 6 months of dating I can say for sure now — this is the love of my life, my partner and my perfect match.

Stacy and Louise at 2006 DC Bike Show