You Got to Be Kidding Me!

Getting Back Outdoors

Posted in Outdoors by Stacy McMahon on March 11, 2007

Well daylight savings time managed to sneak up on me, even with all the hype. Around “10:30” this morning the phone rang. It was my classmate L, asking where the hell I was and didn’t we agree to meet at 11? Oops.

Anyway, after a nice late breakfast and getting a few things straight about our project, L mentioned having gone to Huntley Meadows Park yesterday. I was shocked to realize I haven’t even thought of that place since around this time last year. So, since I can’t resist going outside when it’s warm, I decided to reacquaint myself. If you live in the DC area, you should get acquainted too!

Huntley Meadows

Huntley Meadows

Huntley Meadows

Huntley Meadows

Huntley Meadows


I’ve Walked Past It A Dozen Times

Posted in Outdoors, Silly/Funny by Stacy McMahon on February 24, 2007

But somehow I didn’t notice this til dad pointed it out this afternoon:

funny sign

Life Imitating Art?

Posted in Economics, Outdoors, Politics by Stacy McMahon on February 10, 2007

Yeah, I ripped off the title from Vicky. The Volokh Conspiracy links this article about Richard Branson’s new $25m prize for developing a technology to remove Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. At the same time, I’m watching the environmentalism episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit, where they go out and trick a bunch of environmentalist protestors into signing a petition to ban water (they call it by its chemical name, dihydrogen monoxide)

You could say they handpicked their dumbasses, and they probably did, but is this “x-prize” for CO2-scrubbing technology any smarter? I should go into business selling “organic CO2 scrubbers” (trees) for $99 per sapling. Come on, people.

And As Long As We’re Talking Snow…

Posted in Outdoors, Snark by Stacy McMahon on January 21, 2007

I like to pull out the old saw about “legislating the wind” to make fun of people who pass various laws to fight basic human nature (for example, the drug war) but as they say, truth is stranger than fiction and real life has now obsoleted that joke:

Romanian snowboarders have staged a protest at the lack of snow in front of the country’s weather institute.

Blocking traffic, the snowboarders sat in the road and only moved on when weather officials said that their complaint at the lack of snow “would be passed on to a higher authority”, Ananova reports on January 16th.

(link via The Bitch Girls)

Posting To Document That…

Posted in Miscellaneous, Outdoors by Stacy McMahon on January 21, 2007

…it’s snowing. Yes, snowing in northern Virginia in the winter of 2006-7.

UPDATE: here’s a picture.

Lightning Interruption

Posted in Blogroll, Four Wheels, Outdoors, Silly/Funny, Travel by Stacy McMahon on October 19, 2006

Just want to toss this out: Micheal Totten’s hilarious attempt at storm-chasing as he drives his new-to-him Acura RSX home to OR. He is far more likely to be washed away by rain than kidnapped by terrorists. If I ever get to meet the guy, let’s hope photography and beer are involved!

Teh Plan:

Posted in Outdoors by Stacy McMahon on September 7, 2006

I’m going to try to post at least once a day, which means that most of it won’t be Deep Thoughts TM. The rain that’s been coming around often enough to keep outdoor activites mostly shut down, but not (at least in my area) doing any particular damage, seems to have abated. It’s not dry enough for me to go to Wakefield, at least not without an external bike rack to keep the car clean, but I’ll ride around the neighborhood and maybe make a food run to test out the panniers. I wonder if there’s a relatively flat route to Harris Teeter from Fairlington…

Also, hurray for cooler weather. The electric bill was $65 last month, which is ridiculous for 1100 square feet. Then again that’s probably due more to the dryer than the A/C. I really need to get an electrician to come in and discuss my wiring ideas. Anyone got somebody to recommend?