You Got to Be Kidding Me!

Mr. Clemons, Call Your Office…

Posted in Politics, Snark by Stacy McMahon on May 9, 2007

Mark Twain famously said “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.” I concluded awhile ago that reporters and mainstream media folks generally (there are exceptions) land in the better-off-silent camp. Here’s Time Warner exec Richard Parsons removing all doubt (link and inspiration via Instapundit):

“The Googles of the world, they are the Custer of the modern world. We are the Sioux nation,” Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Richard Parsons said, referring to the Civil War American general George Custer who was defeated by Native Americans in a battle dubbed “Custer’s Last Stand”.

“They will lose this war if they go to war,” Parsons added, “The notion that the new kids on the block have taken over is a false notion.”

You know, I could toss out all kinds of snarky comments here but it’s actually a lot more interesting to consider the real history of the Indian Wars. Leaving aside the morality of that conflict, the Sioux committed the mortal military sin of getting themselves some modern weapons and early upsets and then convincing themselves they were invincible.

That makes it twice as ironic that Parsons chose Custer’s Last Stand as a metaphor for the MSM v. “people media”, since in this case he’s the one closing his eyes and imagining he has magical powers to protect him from the inevitable.