You Got to Be Kidding Me!

What I’m Seeing on Sunday, Dec. 7, 2008

Posted in The Intrawebs by Stacy McMahon on December 7, 2008

* Obama finally goes into some policy specifics, and …it actually sounds good to me. For the most part. I’ve been thinking for awhile that it makes a lot more sense to spend the downturn investing in basic infrastructure, and it doesn’t get much more basic than roads, bridges, and schools.

* A survey of studies shows that birth control pills, among other chemical pollution, are flooding mammalian species (including people) with female hormones. The article cites some crazy observations among fish and wild deer – 2/3 of a deer species in Alaska have undescended testes, male fish in the UK are producing eggs, male birds singing in a higher voice. No such documented effects in humans, but “compelling [implied] evidence” in sex ratios at birth in industrialized countries. Hilariously, the UK is arguing against proposed EU regulations meant to reduce the hormone pollution, but the EU says they should calm down because the regs have plenty of loopholes anyway.

* Nitro, a cheaper alternative to Acrobat. If a lawyer likes the editing features, it must be good.

* (via Instapundit) DPReview has ten budget-priced digital cameras. The better low-end cameras get, the easier it is to tell who is and is not a talented photographer…

* The Wall Street Journal Law Blog is unhappy about the rise in the number of pro se (self-representing) litigants. In my personal experience, it’s better to have a lawyer.


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  1. Clint said, on December 8, 2008 at 9:23 am

    Similarly, I’m sure the day care center blogs are uhappy about people who babysit without a child car license 🙂

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