You Got to Be Kidding Me!

Links for Oct 29, 2008

Posted in Miscellaneous by Stacy McMahon on October 29, 2008

* Lisa Kansas identifies a guy who gets the basic rules of interacting with women. What are the basics? Talk to her like a real person, avoid staring at her boobs. That’s a whole post? Lisa is this impressed that a guy knows not to stare and grab?

* Editor & Publisher has a nice Q&A with some former White House photographers on the role of the president’s personal shutterbug. I like the notion that the photographer’s role is to record history, not provide material for the press office. The photo of Reagan throwing a paper airplane is a good example – it’s a wonderful portrait of a man with the world on his shoulders, who still finds a moment in his day to have some fun. But oh, imagine the attack ads if it were released before his last reelection campaign!

* Via Instapundit, coffee (well, specifically caffeine) can apparently fix, after the fact, the tendency for your brain to make shit up when you’re excessively tired. I wonder if this has something to do with the folk wisdom that coffee cures drunkenness. Obviously it won’t drive the alcohol out of your blood, but maybe it prevents some of the cognitive impairment.

* And coffee also helps make that special person sitting across from you feel warm and fuzzy inside. So remember – when you wake up with a hangover, simply drink coffee to ensure you correctly remember the name of whoever is on the other side of your bed. Awkward moment avoided!

* Via AutoBlogGreen, AutoExpress conducts some tests using Ecolog to test various accepted ideas about gas mileage. Some of the results seem pretty obvious – using the air conditioner or putting a lot of weight in the back seat costs quite a bit more gas – but others are surprising. The drag penalty of driving with the windows down is negligible, and modern tire sidewalls are stiff enough that letting the pressure get low won’t make much difference either. I’m mainly interested in getting Ecolog and using it myself…

* Of course maybe gas mileage doesn’t matter if gas prices keep dropping like a rock.


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