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Links for October 18, 2008

Posted in Politics by Stacy McMahon on October 18, 2008

So I decided I like the “links” format, as it’s a lot like a happy hour conversation. So therewith…

* Obama campaign’s attorney asks the US Attorney General to investigate leaks to the media about the investigation of ACORN for vote fraud. Wouldn’t you think a supposedly liberal candidate might want to avoid giving the impression that he’ll use the law to get back at people for embarrassing him? As for the vote fraud, I could buy ACORN’s explanation that they can only do their job by employing minimum-wage workers who are prone to register ‘abe lincoln’ to fill out their quotas – if there weren’t thousands upon thousands of these fake registrations, mostly of one party, and mostly in swing states.

* No link for this one, but it came up in conversation again tonight: there needs to be a cable channel that’s all trampoline accidents, all the time. Like this…

* Efforts to come up with a metric for data center energy efficiency. Maybe they could start by comparing the investment in instrumentation for data networks (billions nationally) with the investment in instrumentation to measure energy use (zero, unless you count the meter outside)

* via Instapundit, a theory on the purpose behind incompetent account service – to frustrate you so much that you’ll give up trying to fix the incorrect charges. Remembering my experience with Cavtel, I think he’s right.

* A statistical summary of custody outcomes in Maryland divorce cases. There’s clear bias in favor of mothers, and less shared custody than I’d prefer to see. Interesting, and it seems like this kind of data should be straightforward to compile on a much broader basis. But it hasn’t been. Maybe it’s not easily available to the public?

* A comparison of free online money-management software. I’m not sure how I feel about the security aspect, but then again I do my taxes online as often as not.

* Some thoughts on the process of writing academic papers. “Writing backwards” (starting with your thesis and conclusion, and filling in with data as you go) seems, ah, dangerous to me. Then again most people probably wouldn’t find my sometime method of printing the entire draft and laying it out in page order across multiple conference tables very efficient. I think I may try out this Ecco Pro outline software, though.


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  1. Clint said, on October 18, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Wow. Major trampoline FAIL.

  2. Matt said, on October 19, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    HA! That video reminds me of the scene in Almost Famous where Russell Hammond’s up on the roof of that house about to jump into the pool: “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” Hehe. “…and you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine that my last words were: ‘I’M ON DRUGS!'” 😉

    Also, having worked in customer service call centers for roughly four years out of the past eight, I can say that most of the places I’ve worked in didn’t intentionally put up stumbling blocks to make people give up, it’s mostly that they’re staffed with bums fresh off the park bench, as I like to say. Most of them don’t know their ass from their head, and if I/they were any smarter, I guess we’d be doing something else….

    Oh, and the writing thing–I admit it sounds a little dangerous, but at least in the history department back in college, that’s pretty much how we were taught to do it. I, of course, had a different method, which was the same way I wrote fiction back in those days: I’d pile up a bunch of sources, write out some good-sounding stuff in my head which would usually fall in the middle of the thing, and then tack on the introduction and conclusion later, once I’d figured out how to mesh what I was trying to say with what the sources actually said. Like I said, if I were any smarter…har.

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