You Got to Be Kidding Me!

No Way!

Posted in Entertainment by Stacy McMahon on October 6, 2008

So I’m fighting sleep and flipping channels, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but Katee Sackhoff, playing a teenage mother lecturing other vacant-eyed teenage girls on how awful teenage mom-hood is in the ’98 afterschool special flick Fifteen and Pregnant. So if you want to conjure an image of Starbuck as a teenage redneck with a baby and a future on skid row in small-town USA, now you know where to go. By the way, this was her film debut (and you can tell)

Edit: and I should have actually looked at the cast list, because the female lead is …drumroll… a very young-looking Kirsten Dunst!


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  1. Vicky said, on October 6, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    Eh, Kirsten Dunst is not THAT young looking in Fifteen and Pregnant. At least not compared to Interview with a Vampire.

  2. Stacy McMahon said, on October 7, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    True had they made “12 and pregnant”… 😉

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