You Got to Be Kidding Me!

Subaru “EyeSight”

Posted in Four Wheels by Stacy McMahon on September 5, 2008

Another cool piece of Japan-only tech:

Not only does “EyeSight”, as the system is called, can help you keep your distance on the highway (which would have been handy for the McRae convoy on Sunday) and in stop start traffic, but also incorporates a lane departure warning system, a wake up call should everyone pull away from the lights but you (put your iPhone down), and even keeps an eye out for pedestrians while you look for that illusive break in traffic at a T-junction. Best of all, EyeSight will stop you driving through your own garage door because you selected Drive instead of Reverse – a shockingly common occurrence according to Subaru.

What are you doing, Dave?

What are you doing, Dave?

Actually this reminds me of my first college roommate’s mid-80s Volvo 240. It had one of those wacky Euro-features, a pair of map lights mounted on flexible metal conduit. He liked to drive at night with the lights aimed out the windshield to look like evil eyes. Yeah, we were dorks back then…


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