You Got to Be Kidding Me!

New VW Scirocco Spotted in California

Posted in Economics, Four Wheels by Stacy McMahon on August 22, 2008

But AutoblogGreen doesn’t think we’ll be getting it here. Anyway, I certainly don’t get it. Does this look like a sporty coupe to you? Me either.

Chop-top Rabbit. Yay.

Chop-top Rabbit. Yay.

It’s kind of a Golf Rabbit with a chopped roof. I think that’s a Euro thing – chopped sedans like the Mercedes CLS and VW Passat CC are hot over there, for some reason. On the other hand, sporty two-doors aren’t hot here, and haven’t been for years now.

I blame that mostly on the fact that it’s illegal to have half a dozen kids squeeze into the back of Dad’s T-Bird like we used to in the old days. The only reasonable demographic for something like the old-school Scirocco is young people just out of college (empty nesters and older childless couples can afford, and usually buy, a more upscale car) so the death of the Tiburon/NX/Celica category can probably be blamed on car seats and price creep.

And permanently high gas prices probably won’t change that picture, since new small-car buyers are mostly going to be looking for a commuter car that can still handle school/soccer practice transport in the evening. Yes, not everyone has kids, but I think city dwellers will probably go for something like a Smart or a scooter over an expensive, nice sporty car that will get keyed and shopping-carted weekly and rarely get above 40mph.


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