You Got to Be Kidding Me!


Posted in Addison, Urban Planning by Stacy McMahon on April 10, 2007

So why all the silence? Partly it’s that I haven’t had much to inspire me to write, and partly that I’ve been too busy to write it even if I did.

Work is busier than ever, and likely to remain so for awhile thanks to the sudden firing of a colleague who had been handling a lot of special projects. Most of those will now be on ice until we find a replacement.

School is giving me challenges, partly because I am going to be on the hook to finish our studio paper when my classmate goes to New Zealand for a month, partly because I am at a loss to complete my outgoing assignment for a weekend seminar that happened weeks ago.

Taxes. Got to file an extension at this point.

My daughter is apparently continuing to develop her digestive system at a lackadaisical pace, and most other things weeks ahead of normal. See FlickR for the latest pics.

And one current event, of the Good News variety: Alexandria sent out a press release today announcing a water taxi between Old Town and the new Washington Harbor development south of the Wilson Bridge. You’ll be able to take the boat from Georgetown to Old Town, to Washington Harbor and (at least in theory) Occoquan and Woodbridge. Cool, huh?


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