You Got to Be Kidding Me!

Life Takes Weird Turns…

Posted in Miscellaneous by Stacy McMahon on March 16, 2007

The lack of posting is due to extreme busy-ness, for several reasons. One of them was a sick kitty–sick enough to need a night in the animal hospital. He’s fine now, but needs to swallow some medicine twice a day. You can imagine the fun. Another reason was, as usual, school. And the third was …well, all in good time.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reminds us what a long, strange trip a person’s life can be.

[Michail J.] Makarenko had lived in the United States since 1979, when he was exiled by the Soviet government for his repeated dissident activities, according to an article in the Russian magazine Glasnost provided by Burnside.

Among his crimes were running an avant-garde art gallery and engaging in union organizing. He served a total of 11 years in prison. His longest term, eight years, was for anti-Soviet agitation, Burnside said. While in prison, he continued his activism, working for prisoners’ rights, the article said.


“He was an important dissident,” Burnside said. “He fought for human rights and resisted communism every way he could.”

All so he could be senselessly murdered outside a rest stop by a crazy drifter.

“I went to eat, and when I finished, maybe five or ten minutes later, he wasn’t in the car,” Burnside said. “Then I saw someone was on the ground. I got closer, and it was him. His head had been bashed in by a rock. I just did the sign of the cross over him, recited the Lord’s Prayer and told him to hang in there.”

Tragic. Fortunately not all of life’s wacky curveballs are so awful. Some of them are even a pleasant surprise. Yeah, that’s a teaser 🙂


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  1. […] to this blog to have noticed how I said the post about life’s strange twists and turns was a teaser of sorts, here’s your reward. As of three and a half weeks ago, I am the proud father of a […]

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