You Got to Be Kidding Me!


Posted in 2008 Election, Politics by Stacy McMahon on January 24, 2007

All sorts of surprising people are throwing their hats into the presidential ring, for example Hillary Clinton, last seen artlessly trying to sell a straightforwardly socialist healthcare bill to middle America. So who else can we dredge up from the political graveyard? Dan Drezner has this to say (link blatantly ripped off from Instapundit):

Gingrich intrigues me — he’s far more complex and interesting a thinker than the nineties stereotype of him suggested. And if Hillary Clinton can remake herself as someone who’s learned from past mistakes, I see no reason why Gingrich can’t as well.

I can see why he might actually write that. Afterall Richard Nixon made something of a comeback as an elder statesman. Gingrich just isn’t that far in the past though, and while the media will try hard to give Hillary a pass, Gingrich’s skeletons (probably starting with the legendary hospital bed divorce of his first wife) would make encore appearances in the very first stories about his Presidential exploratory committee. Like Lebanon and Abu Ghraibh, that’s just the world we live in.


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